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Google may then interpret the backlink as spam, hurting your ranking. There are many tools available for checking website backlinks, including Majestic SEO, ahrefs, and Moz. With an abundance of low quality links or excessive activity in building the link mass, the site can suffer from filters and search engine penalties. You can easily compare your website with your competitors to find new channels to use and websites to approach. Backlink monitoring isn’t something that should be neglected. Use the backlink checking feature or import valuable incoming links you’ve built manually or found in GSC, Ahrefs, etc. His site’s traffic skyrocketed – and he didn’t just reach the first page of Google, he clinched the top spot. When it comes to choosing a backlink checker, two popular options that often come to mind are Semrush and Ahrefs. But only recently have we begun to understand the significance of using them correctly, and the detriments of using them incorrectly. SE Ranking is an SEO platform with a marketing plan module that offers a comprehensive SEO strategy, along with a suggested list of trusted directories for business listings. You can then develop targeted outreach strategies to acquire new backlinks. The other major core feature is the competitor monitoring. Privacy Policy • Terms of Service • Cookie Policy.

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Use a backlink monitor that keeps checking your backlinks and ensures they are not removed. It has an email writer with Artificial Intelligence which is powered by Intel. A backlink from a website with a higher PA or DA score will be considered more valuable than a backlink from a website with a lower score. You can get a complete view of your website’s backlink profile with his tool and export the reports as PDF or CSV files to compare with your competitors. Mention monitors all kinds of sources like press releases, forums, and blogs. It provides a plethora of details that allow for an analysis of your profile. To do this we must analyze the responses and the possibility of indexing. Monitoring https://foodmenuwp.fastw3b.net/9-ridiculous-rules-about-backlink-monitor/ Your Competitors’ Links. One of the best features of RankActive is its ability to track the growth of your links. So there you have it, with Hexowatch you can keep a close eye on all your hard earned backlinks in minutes and get alerts by email, through browser notifications, or via Telegram, Slack, or webhooks when anyone attempts to tamper with your hard earned work. When you sign up, Moz gives you a free account that lets you monitor up to 10,000 keywords or URLs. If you lose a link, you want to know about it right away.

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This tool is your ticket to uncover the web of links pointing to your virtual door. If you think about SEO as the elections, what would it take to win in it. Consent is not a condition of purchase. First, head over to SE Ranking’s website and click “Sign Up. Businesses that want target audience members to swiftly find their websites in search engine results should put a lot of time into staying on top of backlinks. Because it is a free tool and I am not a SEO pro. There are many tools to monitor your backlink profile, and these rank among the most valuable for SEO professionals. You can also analyze websites from your industry to discover the most linked to pages that have 404 responses. Use this information to your advantage as you harness SEO for backlinks and keywords. Broken links can be a problem, so you’ll want to identify them and remove them as quickly as possible. I have always found their data to be more accurate when compared to other tools.

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Easy to configure and start with. The platform also keeps track of all your link building actions, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks. It offers a host of useful link building metrics that even biggies like Ahrefs miss out on. However, it’s worth noting that Monitor Backlinks is a specialized tool – it focuses solely on monitoring and analyzing backlinks, without offering other SEO features. The free version will allow you to check the first 300 backlinks while for the rest you’ll need to register. In addition to the useful features that the application already possesses, we do not cease boosting it. The platform analyzes your search performance continuously and creates a task list for you based on the changes in your SEO performance. It also allows you to see when they were first discovered. Also, with an excellent dashboard featuring new and lost backlinks and access to data from other industry leading tools like Moz, Linkody is a great backlink tracking tool that deserves a well earned spot on this list. To use the backlink features, login to Semrush, select ‘Backlink Analytics,’ and type in the name of the domain you want to investigate. Therefore, you get an extensive overview of the websites linking to you. Their support team is here to help you 24/7. And ranks them on a 1 5 scale.

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The Backlink Analytics tool lets your drill down into the type, characteristics, and qualities of backlinks. Read more about Semrush. If you want to use it for multiple projects, you’ll need to opt for one of Semrush’s paid plans. You can simultaneously manage backlinks, even hundreds of thousands of them. It has multiple features for tracking, analyzing and reporting on backlink strategy. DataForSEO offers a detailed documentation for every parameter, field and function you can come across while using our APIs and databases. And international marketers will be happy to know that the tool supports a wide variety of search engines worldwide, not just the most popular options. In practical terms, you risk giving up important link juice, of you have incoming links from external domains pointing to dead pages. This metric measures the trustworthiness of linking websites. Additionally, the tool uses Majestic as its native backlink provider. It also includes an “Unnatural Link Detection” feature that aids in identifying and removing toxic or spammy backlinks that may be detrimental to your SEO efforts. Moz developed the Domain Authority DA and Page Authority PA scores that are widely used in the SEO industry to assess the quality of the backlinks coming to a website.

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That said, here are some of the best backlink tracking tools that will help you uncover new link building opportunities. A quick analysis of the backlinks on the web can be conducted using this massive backlink database. If you’re in a fortunate position where you find that too many sites are backlinking to you, then you need to make sure that none of these links are harming your site. But what happens if you need to take a break from your online marketing efforts. Majestic is like Ahrefs but cheaper. Your information is protected by 256 bit SSL encryption.

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This lets you analyze websites and strategies from a closer angle. But the service also has some features that are super useful for agencies. With Monitor Backlinks, you can even monitor your competitors’ keywords and backlinks and use them to reverse engineer their strategies. You will be able to operate the following indexes from referring domains. “I was looking for a tool to help my customers see exactly what we’re working on and what value it gives them. You identify opportunities for connections and come to know what type of content attracts the most links. Transactions secured by Paypal. With an included free trial and money back guarantee I highly recommend giving it a try. Backlink analysis is an essential element of your website’s search engine optimization SEO strategy if you aim to enhance your website’s SEO performance.


It can help you compare your brand mentions to that of your competitors. All the backlinks of a website, their attributes follow, nofollow, anchor text. The final column provides insight into whether the link is a dofollow or nofollow link. Its pricing starts at $99/month or $79/month if you pay annually. Changes may relate to the type of backlinks: dofollow / nofollow attribute, link source text / image, UGC / Sponsored index user generated content / paid link. Image via Monitor Backlinks. Top level overview metrics include current growth or decline shown as + or , so you can quickly see if you’re gaining or losing links. Remember, successful marketing extends beyond individual departments, and open communication combined with collaborative tools is key to achieving a harmonised and impactful strategy. And a backlink tool second. A website can go through dozens of link profile changes in just a day. With it, you can compare up to 5 of your rival’s links in a neat, side by side manner. I was recently reading an article on your website and noticed some broken links.

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For example, you can compare up to five of your competitors side by side, access your backlink history at any time, create reports, and see all the backlinks available. For the big spenders, the 10D4C Package includes. You can easily replicate the guides and monitor the progress of your backlinks live. Use this alongside the backlink tracking features to see how your link building strategy is paying off. The previously mentioned Summary Bar includes the number of nofollowed and followed backlinks that direct others to your website. I look forward to your response. Here is my list of the best Backlink checker tools in 2021. At a basic level, a backlink monitor allows you to view all of the backlinks to a specific site within a certain time frame. Moz Pro’s your barista in the bustling café of backlinks – expertly crafting a blend that’ll have your coffee shop buzzing and customers lining out the door. If any of them is not working, then contact the webmaster immediately and ask to have the link fixed. But it can also damage your website’s reputation if the quality is not good.


Does the software facilitate site audit. To monitor, you will probably need to use and combine several tools. What’s more, you can also analyze all anchor texts from links that refer to your site. Referring pages’ presence in the index of Google. The “Links” page is divided into four sections. 67/month billed annually. The links you create to other sites will differ in value due to the authority of the site you’re linking to, but there are other factors as well. Picture yourself at the helm of an artisanal chocolate shop. This article gives you the useful information about this tool. Respona is a comprehensive blogger outreach tool designed to make setting up and launching an email campaign simple.

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Start using LinkChecker today and learn in practice. Linkio gives you a great experience by. Free backlink monitoring solutions are ideal for the curious SEO beginner if you run a hobbyist blog and want to see how your project is performing, then a free tool will cover all of your needs. You want concise reports to improve SEO and link strategy. The backlink overview shows how many referring domains and pages point to your site. Additionally, you should monitor your guest posts for any changes that the host website makes to its content. The free version offers a few important features, but most are only available in the paid version.

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US Office Address: 600 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108. Historic Index, and all of our web tools. Here are the top 11 backlink checkers and tools. They are not active and if you need to contact them, you have to wait for a longer time. Required fields are marked. Backlinks to your site from high ranking, high traffic authoritative sites provide the most ‘link juice’ and securing these is one of the best things you can do for your site’s SEO performance. For an in depth guide and to explore these tools further, read the full article here: Read more. Want to watch for misleading backlinks, or want to know which keywords are driving clicks and engagement.


Keyword and backlink monitoring + ideas. Don’t hesitate – it’s time to seize the day. Software can clue you in here to the fact that you have links that are basically “missing. If you’re looking for the total package when it comes to backlink analysis, SE Ranking lets you research the quality of your backlink profile as well as that of your competitors. Some of the popular features include. Backlink Monitor is a software solution developed specifically for website owners that want to verify if all their backlinks are valid, generate reports and summaries, and delete dead links. For example, one of these tools, called “Link Intersect,” lets you discover sites that link to your competitors but not to you.

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They’re typically used by businesses and organizations who want to get their website to the top of the search results quickly. Even so, it’s great if you want to check your site’s links. How does it compare with the other backlink analysis tools. It also has a feature that will help you understand what links have been found in the past, even if they have been broken or deleted already. This means that even small businesses or individuals with limited resources can still benefit from the insights provided by the tool. If you’ve ever thought about why to use a backlink monitor tool, let’s see how ignoring this aspect of SEO can harm. One example of this is the links with 2 straight lines in the title title and most often Indian. Required fields are marked. © 2023, by SEO Review Tools. It also provides its users with reports letting them know how their link building strategy is being implemented. Feature set: The features offered by a backlink checker are crucial for effectively analyzing and optimizing your backlink profile. Do I want to see the most popular anchor text for my site, to help me to generate new backlinks. We can vary how aggressive we build links based on any budget and any scale.

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Whether you want to remove bad links or you want to improve your link profile, this link monitoring tool is ideal for you. A good tip here is that some software will provide you with backlink analyses from your competitor. Feature set: The features offered by a backlink checker are crucial for effectively analyzing and optimizing your backlink profile. This piece of software aids in tracking your links and is an indispensable tool for every link builder. If they don’t, or if growth becomes stagnant at some point, you’ll know that something’s up—and you’ll be able to take action. The Lite Starter plan is perfect for small or new businesses. 90 per month paid annually. By understanding the sources of their backlinks, you can devise strategies to acquire similar high quality links, enhancing your website’s authority and visibility. There’s a close tracking of the links you lose so that you can regain them if needed. One of the best things about Link Research Tools is that the platform doesn’t just provide this information. I’m in the same boat: I use Ahrefs most of the time but Moz’s new Site Explorer seems super legit. You can sign in and create an account with Google analytics.


It can suggest more receptive countries or highlight a specific channel, that has performed better than others. Schedule weekly audits to stay on top of any issues. You’ll be able to review your broken link report and send the request to replace the broken link with a link to your content. I love it that Ranktracker also provide keyword research function. He also contributes to top publications like HuffPost, Adweek, Business2Community, TechCrunch, and more. It helps you recover from a Google penalty and avoid the consequences of negative SEO. It verifies your website ownership and offers you access to various site quality dashboards. If you make a purchase, we may make a commission. Who Are Your Competitors. And considering how many tools are included besides just backlink analysis, you get a lot for your money. The name is an instant giveaway, but, either way, Monitor Backlinks was designed to help professionals check their and their competitors’ backlinks.

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And each backlink can have multiple sets of tags. After several uses you will master the tool and be confident in using the many functionalities it provides. If you conduct extensive outreach campaigns such as pitching through HARO, this will be incredibly useful. If you want to get more results, the paid tool starts at $25. I told you some of the most common reasons most marketers track backlinks. It enables automation with Zapier which is a cool feature for automated outreach in B2B campaigns. I am using ahref and semrush but moz is difficult to understant for me as newbie. Although this type of link may be less effective in improving your site’s rankings, it is still a vital part of an organic backlink profile. And the information is reasonably useful. Backlink Monitor is the fastest and most powerful link monitor software available, and can work with up to 500 threads simultaneous and it is 100% FREE. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend at any time. You go on and see the information on each backlink individually: the domain rank of various resources and tracking search traffic on the page, the response code of the scanned page, the number of donors referred to the service semrash, whether the backlink is indexed by google, the number of anchors on the page, the presence of backlink such as tier 2 on the page and the indexing capability. It’ll give you an overview of your chosen domain, and you can drill down to look at lots of details of backlinks. By submitting this form, I agree to the data entered being used by PrestaShop S.

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